New Technology Ventures

The pace of technological innovation is accelerating in the energy sector. New technologies are challenging the long-established infrastructure in virtually every energy industry segment—from exploration and production of hydrocarbons, to central and distributed power generation, to transmission and distribution, to metering and end use. The challenges of economics, environment and security drive this innovation. Climate change, in particular, is creating a strong impetus for change. At the same time, markets that were once local have become global. Technologies developed in one region spread and mature in other regions. All this creates tremendous opportunities for those with new and transformative technologies that truly meet evolving needs.


BLUEWAVE helps organizations with new technologies or with the need to evaluate technologies, identify opportunities, position themselves to exploit these opportunities and develop and execute effective strategies. Services include:

  • Technology Assessment and Evaluation,
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment,
  • Venture Structuring,
  • Business and Marketing Planning,
  • Communicating about Technology,
  • Commercialization Support, and
  • Assistance Obtaining Financing.

Technologies which BLUEWAVE and its Principals have addressed for clients include:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage,
  • Distributed Generation,
  • Fuel Cells,
  • Combustion Turbines,
  • Biomass Production,
  • Biomass Cofiring,
  • Biofuels,
  • Low Water Use Technologies,
  • Ultrasupercritical Power Plants,
  • Polygeneration,
  • Electric Transmission and Distribution Systems,
  • Emissions Control Technologies,
  • Fuel Conversion Technologies,
  • Combined Heat and Power,
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle,
  • Industrial Electrotechnologies, and
  • Demand Side Management.

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